Jim's Friends

Since the sad passing of Jim, the family have received many personal messages from distributors, Jim's close friends and an endless list artists. The family have requested that all messages and condolences be shared with you, Marshall's extended family.

Monica Ferguson, Chief Executive The Stable

We were so sorry to hear the news that Jim had passed away. He was a great supporter of The Stables and there is no doubt he played a huge part in helping us to achieve our vision of engaging the widest range of people with music in all its diversity. His contributions to our building campaign left a lasting legacy of a great auditorium which has seen many of those classic Marshall amps on its stage over the years!

He was a great ambassador for music and for Milton Keynes and will be sorely missed.

Johnny Mans

Jim Marshall was a great businessman, a legend in his own lifetime, a great Water Rat and a great friend. Both my wife Becky and I will miss him terribly, and even my kids Elliot and Lucy thought he was a terrific guy. It was a pleasure and an honour to have known him and, as the Editor of Encore magazine, I was pleased to have been able to present him with a Lifetime Achievement Award before his passing.
Never to be forgotten, he will be remembered forever, not just by his friends but …by millions worldwide. Rest in Peace Jim. You really made your mark in life!

Joe Brown

Jim was a great friend of mine, a brother Water Rat and a lovely man. As far as we are all concerned Jim Marshall was the man who invented the sound of rock on a global scale and to this day nothing has changed that.

Kaplan Kaye - Brother Water Rat

I was first acquainted with Jim in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Jim was a great friend of my late father Davy Kaye and at that time my Dad was always out and about with Jim at various functions and events. In fact it was my Dad who introduced and later proposed Jim to The Water Rats, but it was in 1984, when we really met. There was this particular event that Jim invited my Dad to, at the last minute a job came up for my dad and being a comedian and performer you don’t turn down a job! My dad rang Jim and explained the situation and Jim said why don’t you ask your son and his wife if they would like to take your place, which he did, and we did. It was a fantastic evening, the event was The Black & White Ball at the Dorchester Hotel in London and Jim made Bee and I feel so welcome, and from that day on we were always invited along to whatever function Jim was involved with, and from the bottom of my heart I ‘thank him’ for making Bee & I feel so very welcome.

What he did for the world of music is set in stone and there is nothing I can add to that …he was truly a legend and the Marshall name and brand will live on forever.

Finally, it is tradition within The Grand Order of Water Rats that when a member has passed on, an empty chair is placed in the lodge room, vacant but with the collar of his rank placed thereon And the following valediction is said:

We pause for just a moment, e'er the world goes on its way. In harmony of thought for him we mourn, the memory of our brother is forever here to stay, though from our mist one well beloved is gone.

We bow our heads in homage to our brother's empty chair. Our prayer on earth that heaven be our goal then in that great fraternity we'll meet our comrade there and from our hearts we cry God rest his soul.

Dear Jim Rest In Peace.

Action For Youth

Jim never forgot his background and how ill health had affected him when he was a boy living in North London. After establishing himself as a leader in the music industry, he became a very generous supporter of charities for young people, including Boys' Clubs and local sporting clubs. Through his generosity many youth organisations were able to develop their work with less privileged young people from varying backgrounds, thereby, assisting them to develop into mature and responsible adults.

He never sought public acclaim for his financial support of charities, however, this was acknowledged with the award of an OBE. Everyone associated with Jim was delighted that a modest but very sincere person whose contribution to the welfare of young people, had been recognised at the highest level.

Jim supported Buckinghamshire Association of Boys Clubs, now known as Action4Youth, for so many years and this has enabled young people to benefit from, not only a local club, but also exciting leadership training courses which challenge young people to develop, raise their aspirations and become effective adults within their local community.

Willen Hospice

Jim was a big hearted man and will be sadly missed in the Milton Keynes community. He was a loyal supporter of Willen Hospice after his Aunt used our services and we were pleased to be able to provide specialist care to Jim and his family at the end of his life. Jim's valuable and generous support has helped us to continue to provide care to the people of Milton keynes and the surrounding areas.

Thin Lizzy

Always remembered as THE pioneer of rock 'n' roll. Thank you for everything Jim.  Your friends in Thin Lizzy – Scott, Brian, Darren, Ricky, Damon, Marco, Adam Ace and all our crew.

The Rhoads Family

We're thinking of you with deepest sympathy and heartfelt understanding.

The Rhoads Family - Delores, Kelle & Kathy

John 5

The Marshall name is immortal. As long as there is electricity, people will be using Marshall amplifiers. Jim, you will be missed.

Bruce Kulick

The loss of Jim Marshall today, saddens me greatly. My love of Marshall amps and the iconic company he created will always be a part of my life. I will never forget my clinic tour I did with him back in the early ’90s promoting the 900 Series amps I still use. His charm and grace in the English way, made him unique to me. Just knowing all the lives he changed with his products and the artists he worked with through the years made him a giant in the industry of the music business. I know Jim will never be forgotten and the legacy of his amps will carry on for generations to come. RIP Jim Marshall.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Jim was a dear friend and I am very saddened by this news. But, every day I plug in, in the studio or on stage, he will always be there. ‘Long Live the King, Jim Marshall!’

Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake

Dr Jim Marshall will be greatly missed, but he shines down on music forever. Thank you, Jim. You are Rock and Roll.


I consider myself very fortunate to have known the late Jim Marshall. He was such a fantastic individual. Not only did he create the loudest, most effective, brilliant sounding rock & roll amplifier ever designed, but he was a caring, hardworking family man who remained true to his integrity to the very end. His work ethic was unequalled and his passion unrivalled.

He took great care of me personally, as one of his loyal fans and Marshall amp enthusiasts, ever since we first met in the early ’90s. At that time, he did the unprecedented, he had the first ever Artist Model Marshall Series designed for me when my Marshall amps were destroyed in a Guns N Roses concert riot in St. Louis in 1991. We had been friends ever since.

Jim cared for all his customers like they were his family. He would do whatever it took to make sure an artist was completely satisfied and he made sure his staff did likewise. It was very important to him that Marshall quality and customer care was paramount.

Jim’s passing marks the end of a very loud and colourful era. From Pete Townshend to Kerry King, Marshall amplifiers have been behind every great rock ‘n’ roll guitarist since the beginning. Marshall Amplification is one of the most enduring, iconic brands of contemporary music history. This industry will likely never see the likes of Jim again, but his legacy will live on forever.

Pete Winkelman

Jim Marshall was a wonderful and generous man who never took his worldwide success for granted. He always stepped up to the plate and supported the Milton Keynes community in many ways, helping to establish The Stables and providing sponsorship funding to MK Dons and many other local sporting clubs. Jim was a role model to me and anyone else who has ever ventured into the business world. Jim Marshall created more than a business, he created the most iconic rock and roll brand in history and established a legacy for all time.

Barry Balmayne - Brother Water Rat

Needless to say, the Balmaynes are devastated with the sad loss of a Brother Water Rat and a good family friend.

When my brother and I were a double comedy song and dance and comedy mime act, The Mumford Brothers, in Clubland from 1962 to 1980, the sound for particularly the mime section had to be as clear as possible. Most of our material was often recorded  from old 78's. Our friend Jack McKecknie (Hedley Ward Trio), did our recordings in his studio and introduced us to a professional model Grundig tape recorder and a Marshall P.A. system telling us that we would have the very best sound second to none.

He was absolutely spot on and throughout our cabaret years our whole act, both live and mime material, were delivered with pitch perfect sound. We coveted our Marshall sound system like gold and no one, but no one, touched or used our system.

When I was fortunate enough to become a Water Rat, I couldn't believe that Jim Marshall (who I had not previously met) was one of my new Brothers. On the night I was 'made' a Water Rat it was the trend to buy all those Brother Rats present, a drink. But dear Jim said, "no thank you, I want to buy you a drink, it's your night and you have achieved one of the most beautiful things in life",  and promptly introduced me to a very large 'Glenmorangie'. How I drove home I will never know!!! From that day on it has been my favourite tipple and in the future, as in the past, I will toast a very dear man, Doctor Jim, with every glass I take.

On several occasions, my wife Pauline and I were delighted and very, very grateful to be invited as his guests on one of the many tables he bought for charity at major Rats functions. He was indeed a wonderful, loving and most generous 'gentleman' - it is a great privilege that I was able to call him a Brother and a friend. We will all miss him so much.

Don Shearman - Brother Water Rat

Many of my Brother Rats used Marshall equipment, but I think I'm the only Rat and possibly the only musician still around, who actually made live music with Jim. The photo was taken at our tribute lunch to Jim in 2006 when he sat in on drums with my trio. Happy memories indeed.

Nori Kon - Japanese Marshall Distributor

I was greatly distressed to hear of Mr. Jim Marshall’s death and wish to offer you my sincere condolences. I feel certain that his energy, vibrant leadership and friendship
will be sorely missed. Jim, thank you for your incredible contribution to the music industry and thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Rest in peace.

MK Victors Amateur Boxing Club

Such a sad loss to a wonderful man that has donated to so many charities within Milton Keynes. MK Victors ABC personally benefited from his kind generosity each year which enabled our club to keep running year after year to teach young people the art of boxing and keeping fit as well as socially interacting with others. We were privileged to attend the ceremony of Jim receiving the Freedom of The City which was greatly deserved. Jim will be a great loss to everyone, he has touched the hearts and lives of many during his reign in Milton Keynes.

Nicko McBrain - Iron Maiden

The world has lost you my friend it will not be the same without you. Your smile was infectious and you aways made the people around you smile too. You were and are still the most perfect Gentleman. You cared for the less fortunate through your wonderful compassion and generous charity contributions. Never a bad word or curse did I ever hear from your lips. I will miss your charm and wit, your sometimes corny jokes but what I shall miss the most my friend, is the joy of just being with you. Look after those Angels Jim and try not to get into too much mischief up there.

Until we meet again, you’re forever in my heart,

Roy Hudd

With the death of my Brother Water Rat and Vice President of The British Music Hall Society, Jim Marshall OBE, the Society has lost one of its great benefactors.  His association with the BMHS started with him regularly hosting a table at our Annual Ball. A table with some of his favourite people who too, became supporters of the Society. Someone must have had a word in his ear stressing how hard it was for us to keep the price of ball tickets within reach of all of our members. His reaction was typical of the man. Without any fanfares or fuss a generous donation came our way. It became an annual donation. So much has been written about Jim and his unique contribution to the music business yet so many of us remember him as the most generous of givers to good causes. Thank you Jim.

Bryn Williams - Brother Water Rat

Past Bait Rat, Dr. Jim Marshall, O.B.E., B.M., was one of the most remarkable gentlemen and Brother Water Rat it was ever my pleasure and pride to know. His passing leaves not only a great hole in the annals of the world of Guitar Music, but also in the history of the Grand Order of Water Rats of which he was a very special member.

He was brusque and sometimes abrasive, but with a sharp and deeply keen wit which he frequently aired to the amusement of all around him. He was generous almost to a fault and was kindness itself to ALL deserving causes as well as quietly to friends and colleagues which was warmly acknowledged by everyone whom his generosity embraced.

His life story is a genuine one from rags to riches of which he was so very proud, and rightly so and he wore his fame and fortune with the most aggressive grace and charm. He was deeply respected by everyone with whom he came into contact. His memories of the ealier world of budding guitar players was his pride and joy and it is unkown just how many thousands of great musicians owe  so much of their success to his influence, kindness and generosity.

We mourn with his family in his passing. We all rejoice in our personal knowledge and dealings with him over so many years. He will NEVER be forgotten and will always be deeply respected by the whole world of musical entertainment.

May his soul rest in peace as it certainly deserves to, ever remembering those untold thousands who benefited by his mere existence. Yours most sincerely and fraternally and proud to  have been a friend of such a great man!

Rick Wakeman

I first met Jim when I was about 16 years old and went in to his shop in West London to look at stuff I couldn't afford as a schoolkid! Most music shops threw us kids out, but not Jim. Even though we had no money to spend he and all who worked there would show us new stuff, talk to us and make us always welcome. The outcome of course was that when we did save up a few pennies, we went to Jim! The list of musicians that Jim inspired, helped and encouraged is endless and I am proud to be one of them. One of the most amazing things for me was in the early seventies when things were going very well for me with YES, I met up with Jim at a function and he came over and said "Well you've come a long way since the days of coming into my shop as a schoolboy". I said surely he didn't remember that but he did. Jim remembered everybody he met and wanted to help whenever he could and what's more, he did too. This didn't just stretch to music but to all kinds of needy charities where he was always hands on. I will miss him dearly and so will tens of thousands of others. At least Heaven will also be able to speak louder to us all now as the first thing Jim will do is turn God's amp up to "eleven".

Brian May

Very sad to hear that Jim Marshall has passed away. Jim made a huge impact on the development of rock music, the extent almost impossible to assess. It's hard to even imagine how different live rock music would have looked and sounded without that iconic monolith - the Marshall Stack.

Jim Marshall was a major force in transforming the electric guitar from a backing instrument into a towering front-line voice. He was also universally loved in the music business for his generosity and philanthropism. 

As a Companion Water Rat he commanded everyone's respect, leading many an initiative to encourage young players, and help those in harder times. Jim will be sorely missed, but leaves a timeless legacy.  Our deepest commiserations to his family. 

Lionel Blair

It was an honour to know Jim Marshall as a Brother Rat and friend. I will always be grateful to him for the advice and help he gave to my youngest son, Matthew, at the beginning of his career in music.

He will be missed by us all.

MK Lions Basketball Team

Jim was known as the Father of Loud, for us he was the Father of Hoops, we would not have Milton Keynes as one of the premiere basketball cities in Great Britain without his help and genorosity.

Rachel Ray - Daughter of Water Rat Dick Ray

The fellow Water Rats are sadly missing a great Brother Rat. I had the pleasure of meeting you in 2009 at The Grand Order of Water Rats Annual Ball and what an absolute honour it was. You leave a great legacy Mr Marshall. Sleep tight x

Joe Satriani

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your father. We will salute him today at our G3 show here in Australia. No tribute could ever be big enough for Jim Marshall, but we will celebrate his legacy with you and your family in our hearts.

Ray Martin - Brother Water Rat

As a fairly new Water Rat I did not know Jim personally. However, at the last lodge the tributes to him from brother rats were endless and he was obviously much loved and admired. A true legend in the music industry and greatly missed.

Johnny Dennis - Brother Water Rat

Jim Marshall's support of charities large and small is well known.One of the small ones was The British Music Hall Society. a group of people who loved Variety as much as he did. Our respectful thanks.

Gordon Giltrap

He was a legend, he was loved by many, including my old friend Nico McBrain the drummer from Iron Maiden who almost looked on him as an adopted father.

Ironically I never did use his amps, but never lost sight of their virtues within the rock world, and the name of Jim Marshall has become an industry standard. He led a long and very full life and his likes will never be seen again. Sadly over the last few years his health had deteriorated to such a degree that he was pretty much tied to a wheelchair, but it never stopped him from doing what he felt was important.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family at this sad time. Rest in peace Jim, you were indeed a one off.

Wyn Calvin MBE - Brother Water Rat

Jim Marshall OBE has been a British businessman of international acclaim. His immense contribution to music and of perfect sound reverberates around the world.  In addition to those huge attributes Jim has been a most generous, kindly and sociable friend to a wide variety of those of us who loved and will miss him.

Bletchley may be justly famous for  having provided the war winning Enigma Code.   It is  also memorable for housing the home of Jim Marshall's  magnificent amplification of super sound.

Mike Martin - Brother Water Rat

Jim was my Brother Water Rat and friend. I will always remember his kindness, generosity and charitable nature. He always had time for everyone and I spent many happy times with him.

Dee Tatum - US Marshall Distributor

Thank you Jim for everything, and especially for allowing me to wear the badge of honor in Latin America. I wear it with great pride.

Peter Patrick - Canadian Marshall Distriubtor

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of a true legend in the music industry, The Father of Loud Dr. Jim Marshall. I have had the great pleasure of knowing him since 1999 when Erikson Music was appointed the Canadian Marshall distributor. I recall the first visit I made to the UK to visit Marshall with particular fondness. After several days of typical over-the-top Marshall hospitality we were picked up in Jim’s private limo (with the appropriate license plate JCM800) to be taken to the airport when the chauffeur got a call to drop by Jim’s house so he could bid us a final farewell. When we got to his house he was standing outside waiting for us and I could not contain my excitement or appreciation of being in the presence of such an icon and representing Marshall in Canada. I shook his hand vigorously and told him I felt that I had just been “adopted by the Father of Rock & Roll” which in a way I had. The stories of his humble beginnings are well documented and the stuff of legend for sure but hearing him recount some of those experiences in person is something I will cherish forever. All his fame and legend aside, he was an extremely interesting, humble and generous man who would always have time to pose for a photo or sign anything that anyone stuck in front of him (the oddest thing I ever saw him sign was a cell phone) He genuinely appreciated the support and respect that he got from the millions of players who have used his amps over the years and , like all of them, I know that The Father of Loud will never be silenced as long as one Marshall amp is fired up. Rest in peace Jim.

Ace Frehley

I send our love and sympathy  directly to you.

Myself and Cass both had the honour of going out to lunch with Jim and I even got onto the wall of fame at the factory. I've been using Marshalls ever since I started playing guitar and still have a whole stack of amps that I still use constantly which are the trademark of my sound. I came to the factory recently and bought a new 800 and the staff were just as friendly as they were 20 years ago!

I'm sure you've many tributes to Jim from all the great players, and I must say that he really will remain legendary with the amps that really have changed the face of music all over the world - Probably one of the most important items I've ever had in my life personally, and will have forever!

Keep on rockin' the world...

Danielle - Roadrunner Records

Was saddened to hear of your father passing away today and am thinking of you at this very difficult time.

As you are more than aware, your father has left a massive legacy : something only a minuscule amount of people manage to achieve in life – and he will be remembered fondly by the masses.

Have no doubt you will continue to keep the sound of rock & roll alive in his absence.

Brian Downey - Thin Lizzy

My sincere condolences to you and your family on the recent passing of your father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Sudha Kheterpal - Faithless

So sorry to hear about Jim. What a true inspiration to us all and I'm so honoured to be involved with a part of his legacy. I hope you are ok, I send you love and peace at this time.

Michael Amott - Arch Enemy

My condolences, we all owe your father something.

Ginger Wildheart

So sorry to hear of your loss. The man was a true great. To have a legend as a Dad is every boys dream. God smiled on both of you.

With great respect and love,

John Callahan - Guitar & Bass Magazine

Apologies for bothering you in the wake of the sad passing of Dr Jim. Just wanted to add my best wishes (and those of Guitar & Bass Magazine) to you, and to every member of the Marshall Family at this difficult time.

Jim Marshall changed millions of lives for the better in a way few have managed throughout history. He made the world a better place and there's no chance that’ll be forgotten. The music, the company, and the people he inspired – along with those he will continue to inspire in years to come – will be a legacy worthy of the man.

Brian Tichy - Whitesnake

Your Dad is a true amazing ground breaker and set a standard to which all other similar products are measured. My condolences to you, your family and all at Marshall ..... Talk soon....  and enjoy that you have been able to have had such an important cool dad and have many great memories...

your friend.... Brian

A Marshall amp owner since 1986!

Soren Andersen

Because of you, I had the chance to share an evening with you and your dad in Frankfurt. I night I'll never forget...

Dave Mustaine - Megadeth

I have never been sadder than this morning. My dear friend and father figure Dr. Jim Marshall OBE has passed away. For once I am at a loss for words

Peter Frampton

I am so sorry to hear we have lost your father Jim. My condolences to you, your family and everyone at the Marshall family too. I will never forget the times I spent with him. He was the most genuine person I think I have ever met. Jim gave us so much and will be sorely missed by so many.
You are all in my thoughts.

Kerry King - Slayer

My most huge condolences and immense sadness for you and your family. We all loved him a ton! He had a great life and we should all be celebrating the greatness that was Jim Marshall. Anything you need from me, just say the word. Again, my wife and I send our condolences. Love you man.

Elwood Francis - Tech for ZZ Top

I'm saddened to hear the news of your father. I offer my condolences to you and your family in this incredibly hard time. You're in my thoughts and prayers. His legacy is untouchable and he definitely helped make rock and roll what it is today. We all are indebted to Marshall. A nd just so you know....I am honored to be a Marshall guy through and through!

Joe Bonamassa

I know have a million people coming at you at once. I just personally wanted to send my condolences and best wishes to you and your family in this time. Your dad was a legend to the guitar playing world. Please let me know if you need anything.  
Love to you and your family. 

Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society

Hey Terry, Victoria n Paul.... It's ZAKK Gang.... I Thank The GOOD LORD I was BLESSED to Have Your Father in My Life. He Lives in The 3 of you now & Every Person that Ever Played n Forever will play a MARSHALL. They Say Leave this World a Better Place than before you got here. Your Father Did. That's for Sure, In a BIG Way... GOD BLESS DAD - He RULES.... ZAKK DAD Let me Know if need Anything... Much LOVE N STRENGTH

Andy Copping - Download Festival

I send my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Your dad was an innovator, genius, icon, legend etc etc...the superlatives can go on and on. He was just a great man.

What you and your team have done with his legacy and vision is fantastic and I know you will continue to do great work.

The music industry has lost a friend and a visionary and we bow to his greatness.

All the very best...you guys have and will do Jim Marshall proud.

Mick Box - Uriah Heep

Paul, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time! Jim and Marshall Amplification have been a big part my musical life since the late 60's, and rock music as we know and love it, would not have been the same without him. His name and legacy will go on forever. Where there is music, there are Marshall's! He truly was the Guv'nor!

Glenn Hughes

So very sorry to hear about the passing of Jim: Without him, there possibly wouldn't have been ROCK music as we know it.... He was a hero

Scott Gorham - Thin Lizzy

Hey bud, I was so sorry to hear that your dad has passed on. I've lost both my parents and I know that there's really nothing anyone can say at these moments.

But, your father was such a great guy, and he changed the world of music for me and thousands of guys just like me. I wished I could have thanked him personally for that.

Alice Cooper

It's taken a few days for the loss of your father to sink in. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you from our family to yours as you cope in this difficult time.

You of all people know of your father's important contribution to music. I know personally that without Jim's wall of sound, the most important guitarists of our era and after would have no voice. The sound of rock and roll, and the sound of my own music would be foreign.

In the early days, Marshall's had an element of danger to them. Turning one on was like opening a switch blade. These dangerous amps have been our backdrop and weapons of choice since the beginning. Over the years we've had many changes on stage - musicians and killing machines changed like tides - but one staple behind my mic has always been your namesake. We'll be turning them up a little louder on our next tour, for Jim. 

Billy F Gibbons - ZZ Top

Man… I can only say that I will join the world missing your Dad. It's nearly impossible to think of knowing a world without Jim Marshall, yet, he truly enriched the world and his legacy will remain with the rare gift of having brought immense joy to so many.

I treasure a career propelled with the association of your Dad's work… which certainly has enjoyed the special mark which your Dad's unprecedented offerings have taken us through the years with his brand of high performance uniqueness, relished by millions.

I wanted to pass along this piece which highlights your Dad and his contributions in a meaningful manner. I suspect it will make you smile.

Paul, our friendship with you is strident, in many ways, bringing us together by way of your Dad and I want you to know, our condolences to you all as we embrace a momentarily saddened time which I know you will respectfully be honoring your Dad, Jim. Thank you for your kind note. We'll look forward to seeing you in the better days, soon.

Scott Ian - Anthrax

I just wanted to send my condolences to you and your family. I hope you are all OK.
I am honored to have spent time with your dad over the years and especially to have had dinner with you in Frankfurt a few years ago. I will always remember that night and the bottle of single malt he gave me!